Do I have to pay online with Paypal?

No, we will accept checks that match the address of dog grooming service location.

What if I need to cancel?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Our commitment to our scheduled is critical to ensure that all of our furry friends receive their grooming. Read our policy page regarding cancellations.

Where do you get the water and power to groom my pet?

We use our own water tank and generator to heat the water to groom your pet.  Unlike other mobile groomers, we do NOT need to plug into your home’s electricity. Our clients don’t have to supply anything–just your pet! Pet owners do not need to be present for us to groom your pet. However, we do like to see or speak with you on the very first grooming appointment so you can specify the services and type of cut you would like your pet to have. -Yes, our mobile groomer can come to your workplace or business and groom your pet there!

How do I maintain my dogs coat between grooms?

The best way to maintain your dogs coat between grooms is to brush it every couple of days. After brushing, it is important to make sure that you get all the way to the skin. The best way to do that is to use a comb from the skin out. The coat type, as well as the length will help you determine how often this needs to be done. Once the hair is severely matted, shaving the coat off is the only humane remedy.

How do I know when my dog has an ear infection?

The best indicators that your dog may have an ear infection are. Very red and angry looking with inflammation and they are usually very dirty and smelly. There can also be pain associated with touching. Your dog may be itching it excessively or shaking their head frequently.

How do I know when it’s time to trim my dog’s nails?

It is important to remember that if your dogs nails are pressing on the ground, it is causing the toes to be bent backwards some. Over time, this pressure can lead to arthritic feet. The nerve can shrink back with frequent trims. I recommend every 4-6 weeks. Walking and running on cement can keep them cut back naturally. So, staying active is a healthy lifestyle for dog and owner!

Do I need to get my dog groomed regularly?

Getting your dog groomed regularly can prevent many problems and keep your dog healthy and comfortable. You will always be well informed on any problems that can arise such as skin conditions, ear infections, teeth condition. It will prevent excessive matting, toe nails getting too long etc. The recommended 4-6 weeks is best for full grooms and many people opt for a simple bath and brush out in between full grooms.


Why choose CaliDog?

  • We come to you! Our very convenient services eliminate your travel and your pet’s stress.

  • Your pet is the ONLY focus of our grooming attention. There are no other pets in the van with yours.

  • No cages! When your pet is done, they are brought back in to your home. And they don’t have to wait at a groom salon in a cage to be picked up.

  • Unlike most grooming salons that sanitize only once daily at the end of the day– in our mobile van, the tub, table, grooming supplies, tools and entire work area of the van are sanitized between each and every groom appointment.

  • Your pet is Fluff dried and NOT cage dried! This means that after your pet’s bath, unlike grooming salons, your pet is hand dried by the groomer with a gentle specially made fluff dryer. In most grooming salons, pets are put in cages with dryers attached and cage dried. But there are no cages in the van. None. PERIOD! Your pet will not have to sit in a cage to wait their turn to be groomed or to dry.

  • Your pet receives individual care and attention. If you have multiple pets to be groomed, to reduce stress, each is done individually. Meaning that they wait their turn in your home!

  • We use all natural products to bathe and clean your pet.

  • We use FRESH water to bathe your pet. There are 2 separate water tanks, one for clean water, and one for gray water. We do not recycle the gray water.

  • We do not empty the gray water in your driveway.

  • We do not need to plug into your home. Our van is equipped with a fully operational generator system.

  • Our mobile groom service is licensed and insured.